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Xandar is an alien planet from Marvel Comics, affiliated with the superhero Nova and with the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Xandar is a planet located in the Andromeda galaxy, orbiting three suns. The population of the planet was roughly twelve billion from across the galaxy.[1] The planet was ruled over by the advanced Nova Empire and their enforcers, the Nova Corps. Built into much of the planet is the sentient super-computer, Worldmind. Xandar is also notable for a diverse population and high number of art institutions.


  • Nova City Centre: This city was the effective planetary capitol and headquarters of the empire. The city had extensive public transport and canal systems throughout its different neighbourhoods.
    • Galaxarium: The Galaxarium is a structure which displayed the stars, planets and astral bodies of the greater universe
    • Xandarian Cultural Centre: A large building shaped like an, "X" which educated on the topic of Xandarian history and culture.[2]



Xandar is a planet which is origin and headquarters of the Nova Empire.

Battle of Xandar

Around 2014, the mad Kree extremist Ronan the Accuser attacked Xandar, breaking peace-treaties in an effort to destroy the planet. Ronan's attacked were fought off by the outlaws, "The Guardians of the Galaxy", the criminal syndicate the Ravagers, and the Nova Corps. During this incident, the Guardians' ship The Milano was destroyed but the heroes managed to fight off Ronan. After this, the Nova Corps pardoned the guardians and rebuilt the Milano.


In the 2010s, the government of Xandar collaborated with Tony Stark of the Avengers and Stark Industries to create the, "Xandarian Outpost" on Earth to promote interstellar relations. This, "Outer-World Showcase" was constructed in the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow or, "EPCOT" in central Florida, a location suggested by Star-Lord who visited EPCOT as a child.

The pavilion sent a group of space onto a Nova Ship piloted by Centurion Tal Marik to visit Xandar through the ship's Cosmic Generator. While in a call with Nova Prime, the ship had its energy knocked out by Eson the Searcher who proceeded to steal the generator and use it to create portals in time in an effort to rewrite history. At Nova Prime's request, Marik contacted the Guardians of the Galaxy who planned to get the generator back and defeat Eson but required the Terrans assist inside of Starjumpers loaded on the Nova Ship.

After defeating Eson, the Starjumpers landed in the Xandarian Outpost which the guardians contacted via hologram. The guardians deemed the Terrans as (honorary) members of the Guardians of the Galaxy for their assistance.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

This attraction revolves around Xandar's pavilion in Epcot. The planet is visible from within the Galaxarium.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!

A Nova Corps uniform appears in the queue as part of the Collector's collection. Paint used by Rocket Raccoon to vandalize the fortress reads, "Xandarian Paint".[3]

Super Hero Headquarters

There is a clock showing Xandar time in the SHIELD outpost of Disney Springs.[4]