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Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a roller coaster which opened in the May of 2022, replacing the attraction Ellen's Energy Adventure.



At the suggestion of Peter Quill, who visited the park as a child, the Xandarians have opened an outpost and educational experience at Epcot in the form of the Xandarian Outpost, an advanced planetarium and space launch facility meant to allow guests the opportunity to travel across the galaxy from Earth to Xandar and back, though things become complicated when the Guardians get involved.

Development history

Cosmic Rewind replaced Ellen's Energy Adventure in EPCOT.



  • The queue identifies the attraction as taking place closely after the events of the first film and as such, before the events of Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!.
  • The attraction contains multiple allusions to Universe of Energy and Ellen's Energy Adventure which predate the roller-coaster.
    • Star-Lord mentions wanting to ride Universe of Energy and see the dinosaur animatronics on it.
    • The Universe of Energy logo appears on the Xandarian ship.[1]
    • Xandarian codes on beams read, "ELLEN", "ALEX" (referencing the late Alex Trebek who appeared in Ellen's Energy Adventure), "E=MC Squared" (referencing Albert Einstein who was a character in Ellen's Energy Adventure), and, "DINO".[2]
    • An electric-guitar version of the Universe of Energy theme-song plays during the ride.
    • Drax refers to the Big Bang as the, "Ding Dang". This is a reference to the defunct attraction Ellen's Energy Adventure which Cosmic Rewind replaced where Ellen Degenerous mistakenly refers to the Big Bang by the same term.[3]
  • In addition to Universe of Energy tributes, Cosmic Rewind references multiple defunct parts of EPCOT history.
    • The, "Wonders of Xandar" exhibit is a tribute to Epcot's defunct, "Wonders of Life" pavilion.
    • Star-Lord references having gone on the defunct attractions Horizons and Kitchen Kabaret.
    • There is a weather-warning for a, "Maelstrom", referencing the defunct attraction Maelstrom of the Norway Pavilion.
    • An image is shown of Walt Disney with his original schematics for Epcot.
    • The Xandarian city model resembles the Progress City model of EPCOT from Tomorrowland.