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The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow also known as EPCOT or Progress City is the fictionalized setting of Epcot in Walt Disney World.


EPCOT is an, "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow" located in Florida. It is dedicated to progress and has a multitude of advanced technology.


Epcot is divided into several, "Worlds" which contain a variety of pavilions.

World Celebration

  • Imagination! Pavilion: This building is headquarters for the Imagination Institute along with connecting to the Dream Port used to access the, "Realms of Imagination".
  • Spaceship Earth: Spaceship Earth is a giant geodescent sphere, time machine, and central landmark of EPCOT.

World Discovery

  • Xandarian Outpost: Also known as the Outer-World Showcase, this is a pavilion run by the government of the planet Xandar.

World Nature

World Showcase

World Showcase has a multitude of pavilions themed to different Earth nations.


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Global Avengers Initiative

Marvel connections

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

The Xandarian Outpost is set in EPCOT. Star-Lord also mentions Universe of Energy, Horizons and Kitchen Kabaret.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!

In the Collector's Fortress is a tank containing the EPCOT character Figment.

Iron Man Experience

A screen in the queue shows Howard Stark and Walt Disney collaborating on the original creation of EPCOT.

Norway Pavilion

The Norway Pavilion includes references to various Norse gods including Odin, Thor, Frigga and Loki.

Other connections

Disney Springs

The town of Disney Springs is identified as taking place within the vicinity of EPCOT. A flight-board in the market also mentions the town being connected by airline to, "Progress City", the original name for EPCOT.[1] Along the Christmas Tree trail, there is a poster advertising the Dreamport, an EPCOT location from Journey Into Imagination.[2]


EPCOT had its own version of Innoventions, similar to Tomorrowland. EPCOT's version was hosted by the character Tom Morrow 2.0, taking his name from Tom Morrow of the Tomorrowland attraction. Tomorrowland and EPCOT are also connected via the PeopleMover where the Tomorrowland Metro-Retro Historical Society had a display of Walt Disney's planned Progress City and explanation of its ties to present EPCOT.

Skipper Canteen

The EPCOT character, "The Dreamfinder" can sometimes be heard as a patron of the Skipper Canteen during the 1930s. He asks where he can park his Dream-Machine and Figment is referenced as accompanying him.